Western KT/KMb Map

Ishita Joshi, a fourth year student in Health Studies, is developing a map of staff capacity for KT/KMb activity as part of a practicum placement with the Centre for Research on Health Equity and Social Inclusion.


The results and report of this project will be presented at workshop on Friday, April 5, 1:30PM, in Arthur and Sonia Labatt Health Science Building (HSB) 417. Please RSVP to info@crhesi.ca.


We developed this project to identify staff at Western conducting KT/KMb with the assumption that such practitioners may require similar resources, networks, and assets, and could thus benefit by being able to identify other practitioners across faculties. This project will attempt to determine how practitioners might be able to utilize this capacity to mutual benefit.

We are also assuming that some of the staff-supported KT work currently undertaken is conducted as components of broader roles and job descriptions. The goal is to identify individuals at Western who have accumulative expertise, knowledge, network, and experience outside of (and beyond) specific research projects.