Purpose of this tool: request Integrated or End of Grant Knowledge Translation/Mobilization support from the Centre for Research on Health Equity and Social Inclusion

KT Project Proposal & Worksheet

Select the option that most closely reflects current status of the research
Planning, designing, and grant writingAwaiting ethics approvalData collection in processData analysis and writing underwayJournal articles or reports submittedPublication in pressResearch findings published

Recipients of targeted Knowledge Translation activities for this research might involve
Nonprofit organizations or NGOsPublic education sectorPrivate education sectorPrimary healthcare sectorCommunity/public healthcare sectorPrivate sector organizations or corporationsMunicipal policymakersProvincial policymakersFederal policymakersOther

Broader knowledge dissemination strategies for this research might include
Mass media or journalistic disseminationDevelopment of multimedia resourcesDevelopment of online tools, portals, or modulesDevelopment of training or educational resourcesConference posters and presentationsPublic community events or programmingOther

KT Triage: Gauging the project's 'knowledge to action' clarity
Crystal clear: It is clearly evident for whom, where, and how this research should be translated. We can name names.General sense: We have a broad idea of the sectors, organizations, or actors that need to understand this research. A little murky on the specific details.Lost in knowledge translation: There is no 'knowledge to action' plan or coordination in place thus far.

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